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Date of Birth : March 25, 1990 , Cave Creek & Mesa, Arizona
Birth Name : Kiowa Gordon
Nickname : Kiowa
Height : 1.80 m
Sign : Aries
Hair : Brunette

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Kiowa Gordon was born to Native American Indian parents of the First Nation Descendant of the Hualapai Nation. He describes himself as being observant, crazy, shy, and that people sometimes have a hard .... Read More

Latest Kiowa Gordon Projects

Friend Request (Film)

Friend Request (Film) (2011)

Have you ever received a "friend request" from a stranger....Read More

Into the Darkness (Film)

Into the Darkness (Film) (2011)

A group of friends descend upon a remote wilderness area in celebration of Ridge and Allie's return after a year spent out West. Their decision to embark on a short exploration of a nearby cave turns into a horrific struggle for survival....Read More

Murder for Dummys (Film)

Murder for Dummys (Film) (2011)

An attempt to cover up one death leads to another and another and another, all laced with blood, suspense, and comic twists and turns....Read More


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